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Kimberly Busbee's Casting Resume


As a casting service, AriesWorks finds the right talent for your project by offering you choices from the most diverse array of actors.

As we continue to forge relationships with the entertainment centers on the Coasts and across the Midwest, we constantly strive for excellence in casting.

Because we are a casting company (and not a talent agency) we are objective. So, unlike a talent agency which must favor only its limited stable of actors, we are able to reach out and approach all of the available talent in a wide market area, taking submissions from a variety of agents as well as finding those actors who prefer to work directly.

We work solely for your production (rather than for both sides of the deal), so we avoid any conflict of interest while using our considerable contacts and resources to to find the widest range of talent most suited to your project within your budgetary guidelines.

And, since we have worked with so many talented actors, we know about their specific strengths and about their ability to work with others.

AriesWorks offers you the best results in casting while aspiring to the absolute highest standards of artistry, professionalism, integrity and economic efficiency.