A Multi-Faceted Entertainment Company



AriesWorks develops, produces and directs film, video and stage entertainment that pays respect to the time-honored criteria of great storytelling. Not only do we direct and produce our own projects, we also are available for hire. We love to collaborate and, as with all our own projects, we aspire to the highest standards and enjoy meeting creative and economic challenges while balancing art with business.



AriesWorks Entertainment

has a strong track record of writing, directing and producing award-winning films.



AriesWorks Entertainment

is a prolific producer of stage projects. Independent productions always have been an important part of the company's history and as original Co-Founders/ Co-Owners of the Vaudeville Mews Theatre, AriesWorks produced multiple plays in the first two years the venue was open. Now, AriesWorks offers theatre in various venues in Downtown Des Moines and the East Village.